Moose Jaw: Understanding Winter Tires for Ram Trucks

Jun 8,2022

If you own a Ram pickup, then you already know that it comes standard with either all-season or off-road tires depending on the trim level. However, having a set of winter tires can be very beneficial for you especially if you live in or around Moose Jaw. With frigid months filled with frost and ice, it can be very hard (and dangerous) to drive on the streets during the winter. While most tire sets for Ram trucks provide a solid grip for slick roads and rugged terrain, it is best to invest in a winter set for maximum traction. Sailun winter tires are crafted out of a tougher rubber material with a unique pattern containing blocks that eat up snow. Designed to prevent fishtailing, they latch onto the slippery surface and keep your vehicle on the pavement. Even as the temperature plummets, the material will remain soft, supple, and fully capable of handling sub-freezing days without cracking. Thanks to the superior groove style, sets from Sailun will enable you to drive safely during extreme inclement weather. And yes, they can be equipped on 4WD models as well as RWD ones. Contact Standard Dodge today to learn more about preparing your truck for the colder months of the year.