Rosetown: Explore the Differences in Winter Tires vs All-Season Models

Jun 8,2022

While 4WD is the best drivetrain to have during a snowstorm, it isn't the only thing you need to travel safely during inclement weather. It is also highly recommended that you invest in a set of winter tires to keep you on the road and out of a ditch. If you have a Ram 1500 pickup, the Sailun tires are top-rated. Most Ram trucks come standard with a set of all-season tires. These are great for the changing weather conditions, and they provide enhanced grip on slick streets. However, they are not designed to grab ahold of snow or ice. Instead, they are best for dry or wet surfaces. While they can be acceptable for occasional light snow, the winters in Saskatchewan are far harsher than these units can manage. That is why you need Sailun winter tires. Crafted from a flexible rubber material that can handle extreme temperature fluctuations, these can get a good grasp on slush, ice, and snow to keep you from losing control of the vehicle. They function properly at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) as well. Need to replace your tires with a winter set? Contact the Service team at Standard Dodge in SK today to get an appointment!