Standard Dodge Supports Swift Current Community

Jun 8,2022

For over 100 years the Plewis Automotive Group has served Swift Current - offering more than sales and service. Instead they've emphasized the importance of support, striving to provide aid to local families and foster relationships within the community.

Standard Dodge continues this tradition - proudly joining a variety of local events this year. 

The Angel Tree Event In Swift Current

The Angel Tree Event - sponsored by the Salvation Army - brings joy to those who deserve it most. In the center of Swift Current Mall there is a Christmas Tree; and on it are wishes (all written on hundreds of tags). Families in need ask for help in providing their children with gifts for the season.

Those wanting to participate in this campaign can then select one of the tags and purchase a toy for a deserving child. This event helps to spread holiday cheer to families in Swift Current - and Standard Dodge was proud to join in the celebration this year. 

We had the privilege of claiming 100 tags from the Angel Tree, helping the Salvation Army achieve its goal of providing gifts to families across the community. This event is crucial in delivering hope for the holidays; and we were both thrilled to participate and humbled by the response of fellow automotive dealers (Anderson and Company, Cypress Motors and Regier Honda) who joined the cause.

Learn more about the Salvation Army and how you can assist its community efforts this holiday season. 

Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation's Donut Fundraiser

Community service extends beyond gifts and good tidings. Instead the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation seeks to offer superior support - organizing fundraisers across southwestern Saskatchewan. Through its efforts, crucial medical equipment can be purchased; and the quality of life can be raised.

This year Standard Dodge was proud to take part in the Foundation's Donut Fundraiser. This event allowed donors to purchase a dozen delicious treats (as provided by Living Sky Casino) for $50.00; and the proceeds would then go toward funding the procurement of a fetal heart monitor for Cypress Regional Hospital.

Standard Dodge recognized the importance of this goal - and we were thrilled to purchase 18 dozen boxes of donuts (all of which were then delivered to local businesses that provide astounding support to the community, including: Dorie's House, the Salvation Army, Fresh Start, The Center, Canadian Mental Health, and the Welcome Center).

Learn more about the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation and its mission to provide exceptional care.

Tim Hortons' Smile Cookie Event

In 1996 Tim Hortons launched the Smile Cookie program - seeking to raise funds for the Hamilton Children's Hospital in Ontario by allowing organizations to purchase their signature treats. Since then fundraiser has grown, with communities across Canada participating. This year the Plewis Automotive Group was proud to join in the fun. 

To help support KidSport, we purchased nearly 800 Smile Cookies, which we then delivered to organizations that help to improve our community: the Swift Current Fire Department, RCMP detachments, EMTs, and care-homes (including The Meadows). We wished to show our appreciation for these groups and their many efforts.

Tim Hortons' Smile Cookie Event

Learn more about Tim Hortons and its Smile Cookie program.

Madison's Wheels

The Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation strives to elevate the lives of individuals across Swift Current - connecting them to both the medical support they need and the care they deserve. This is why the Plewis Automotive Group was eager to join them in providing a special young woman with a custom vehicle. 

Madison was in need of assistance, requiring a modified van to increase her mobility. The Plewis Automotive Group was honoured to help with this process. We joined with the Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation, TeleMiracle, and W. W. Smith Insurance Ltd. to ensure she and her family could more easily travel through Swift Current.

It was our great privilege to help Madison regain her freedom.

Join Plewis Automotive Group In Supporting Swift Current

‘Tis the season for community service. Contact Standard Dodge today to learn more about how you can help us support local families during the holidays - and beyond.